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Before and After – Paul Davis Restoration of Tulsa

In this first set of images, the cause of loss was a structural fire to a rental house; the landlord lives out of town. As usual, we worked well with both landlord & the tenants. The back half of the roof was burned off; we replaced that, including new trusses. As it was an older house, much had to be brought up to current building codes, including electrical rewiring. Gas lines needed to be completely replaced under the house, and a new gas line had to be installed by the utility company from the easement. Much of the house had to be gutted to the studs. We replaced all the windows. We were able to even remodel the bathroom for them within the budget!

In this next gallery set, we see a kitchen grease fire caused extensive structural and contents damage to one side of a duplex, and some to the other side. The landlord was approached by two fire-chasing restoration companies, but called his agent for help and ideas. The agent shared our name. The homeowner was extremely happy with the results and says that he has told many of his friends about us. The renter on the side that was less damaged sadly did not have renter’s insurance. He went to live out of a camper at a nearby lake, while we worked to complete his side, so he could move back. At the same time, we gutted parts of the other side to the studs and rebuilt major parts of it. We did extensive cleaning and deodorizing, so that the smoke smell would not return.