As the Time Changes, Paul Wants You to Inspect Your Home for Safety Hazards

Daylight Savings is here once again, set your clocks and enjoy more daylight! Daylight Saving Time occurs Sunday, March 8th at 2am, but keep in mind that setting the clock forward isn’t the only thing you need to take care of. Daylight Saving Time is the perfect time of year to do a property inspection and safety check.

Here are six safety tips to keep your house and family safe:

1.       Check Light Bulbs and Light Fixtures

·         Save money and energy by updating traditional lighting with energy-efficient LCD or fluorescent bulbs

2.       Check For Missing Supplies in First Aid Kits

·         Bandages and ointments should be replaced if needed and expiration dates looked at on all medication

3.       Create and Review a Family Emergency Plan Including a Plan for Fires

·         Ensure there is a family emergency plan in place and practice this with your loved ones

·         Add emergency information, including contact numbers

·         Click here for info about an Emergency Preparedness Kit:

4.       Test All Detectors Including Smoke and Carbon Monoxide

·         Replace batteries as needed

·         Ensure loose batteries are placed in the recycle bin as 9-Volt batteries can start fires

5.       Replace Your House Air Filter

·         Maintaining your home air filtration is important to your health and safety, and air conditioning filters are not very costly

·         A good rule of thumb is to change a filter every 3-6 months, or as the filter appears dirty

6.       Clean Out Your Dryer Vent with Every Use

·         Every time you dry clothing, remember to wipe out the dryer vent immediately after to prevent clogs and possible fire hazards

We hope these details help you inspect your home for the beautiful spring season that lies ahead. And remember that if you experience property damage caused by fire, water, mold or storms, please Call Paul!

-From your friends at Paul Davis