National Home Improvement Month

There’s more to Tulsa home improvement than massive remodels. You probably have a bunch of small fixes and repairs that need to be attended to. Keeping your home maintained can add to its value and add convenience to your daily life. For example, that water-damaged siding could lead to real problems if you don’t fix it promptly. And that leaking roof? You might be confronted with serious water damage down the road, not to mention mold and even structural problems.

You should also make sure your electrical system is up to date. Many older homes simply don’t have the ability to keep up with the demands of today’s households. Upgrading your electrical panel will make life in Tulsa easier and may pay for itself in increased resale value.

Another improvement to think about is the plumbing system. Make sure water pressure is in the proper range. (Check with a plumber for more info.) Excessively high water pressure can eventually damage pipes, fixtures, and appliances. If you have galvanized pipes, there’s a good chance they are corroded and seriously stalling water flow. Replace these pipes with PEX or copper piping. Both of them have their ups and downs, so be sure to research your options first. With repiping, you will see improvement in your water flow and a decreased chance of water leaks.