Make Your Mother Proud

Think fast. When is Mother’s Day this year? If your answer was other than May 11, you’re wrong. You still have time to do things right. Start shopping for something nice today. After all, she deserves it. This holiday offers us an opportunity to reflect on great memories that we… Read more »

Pope Francis’s Cap: Running Away with the Wind

While a confirmation ceremony was taking place in Rome for 44 children in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis’ zucchetto hat flew right off his head. Even the pope can’t hide from strong winds! Fierce winds are capable of bringing a major amount of damage to a business or home, and… Read more »

Water Conditions at the Olympics Explained

Tweets from the journalists in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics have shown just how dreadful the situations are over there. Some have been funny. However, some have been downright depressing. Through social media communications, we have learned that some of the hotels had no running water at all –… Read more »

CLEANUP! Red Carpet!

Pipes are seriously bursting everywhere in the country. Not even Prada gowns and beautiful weather could keep the red carpet dry. It was a sunny day in L.A. for Sunday’s 71st annual Golden Globe Awards, and just less than two hours before the guests of honor arrived, a pipe burst,… Read more »

Cold Weather Pet Tips

You don’t even have to battle the weather outside anymore to know it’s wicked cold! We have all seen enough pictures of dashboard temperature gauges on Facebook to know that it is COLD outside! While we’re busy adding layers and hoping it’s appropriate to sport fuzzy slippers in public, it… Read more »

Paul Davis Offers Tips to Consumers During Fire Prevention Week

Paul Davis is participating in National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Fire Prevention Week, October 6-12. This year’s fire safety campaign theme is Prevent Kitchen Fires which focuses on unattended cooking as the leading cause of home fires along with teaching homeowners how to prevent kitchen fires from starting to begin with. Fire… Read more »