Summer and Severe Weather

Summer means warm-weather activities are around the corner for most families, but it also means a higher possibility of storms in Tulsa. More than 10,000 thunderstorms are classified as “severe” by the National Weather Service each spring and summer. Even those who are prepared can experience a major loss from a storm. If your property is damaged from a fallen tree, rain, wind, large hail, or lightning, Paul Davis can help. Through hard and focused work, we strive to get things back to the way they were previously. It’s important to start work as soon as possible, as delays cause water damage to worsen.

We’re here for you in Tulsa when you need us most! At Paul Davis, we are specialists in storm damage cleanup and restoration for commercial and residential properties. We can help with your insurance claim; if you prefer not to file a claim, we can issue an invoice directly to you. Either way, you can count on Paul Davis for fast response time, great work, and excellent customer service.

Stay current with local weather conditions, which can change at the drop of a hat. Click here for storm preparedness tips.