Two Most Common Home Damages Caused by Winter Weather

Some types of home damage are unavoidable during Tulsa winters. Today we will talk about the two most common cold weather problems and tips you can use to prevent them.
Number one on our list is frozen pipes. They are a common problem but we have lots of solutions for prevention. If the forecast is projected to creep below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, try some of the ideas below.

  • Keep the heat on. A warm home equals a warming plumbing system. While it might seem attractive to save money by turning down your thermostat, the price of repairs following a burst pipe will be much more expensive than your utility bills could ever be.
  • If the temperatures drop drastically, let your faucets drip to keep them from freezing.
  • If one of your pipes does freeze, turn off the main valve and call a plumber immediately.

Ice dams are another large risk due to frigid cold weather. The key here is to take precautions before it’s cold outside.

  • Insulate your attic. Ample insulation will keep warm air out of the attic and prevents snow from melting.
  • Improve ventilation. Cool down your attic through an eave, soffit, ridge, gable, or other form of ventilation.
  • What if you find an ice dam on your roof? Call the professionals at Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Tulsa OK as soon as you can.
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