Safety Tips From National Fire Prevention Week

From October 5-11, 2014, National Fire Prevention Week will allow people around the country to learn how to prevent house fires. Below you will find a few tips that can help you with this.

Cooking is the primary cause of house fires. Don’t forget about items on the stove, as hot oil, grease, or forgotten food can flare up in just a short time. Loose clothes can also be dangerous, as sleeves can catch fire if they touch a hot cooking surface. When they are not in use, keep flammable kitchen towels and pot holders away from the stove and oven. Make sure you have an easily accessible fire extinguisher in your kitchen.

When it comes to preventing fire damage, smoke detectors are a necessity. According to a report released in 2014, the National Fire Prevention Association found that 60% of fatalities from residential fires occur in homes with either missing or non-working smoke detectors. Dead, missing, or disconnected batteries are the main culprit for smoke detectors that fail to work, according to the NPFA. This week, please take a few minutes to test your smoke detectors and replace the battery in any unit that does not respond.

We want the Tulsa community to be safe. If something does happen, Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Tulsa OK is the place to call for fire damage cleanup and restoration.