Meet Our┬áTeam – Paul Davis Restoration of Tulsa

We have a great team here at Paul Davis of Tulsa. Here are just some of our team members that help put your home, business, church, or school back in order.

  • Jeff Kernel

    Jeff Kernell

    Project Manager
  • Zeke Burger

    Zeke Burger

    Senior Estimator
  • Sarah Willhoite

    Sarah Willhoite

    Construction Administrator
  • Robert Waite

    Robert Waite

    Project Manager
  • Michael Sullivan

    Michael Sullivan

    Project Manager
  • Lori Rosas

    Lori Rosas

    Mitigation Supervisor
  • Kevin Hardcastle

    Kevin Hardcastle

    Project Manager
  • Kent Donathan

    Kent Donathan

  • Jonathan Marcoulides

    Jonathan Marcoulides

    Business Development
  • John O'Rourke

    John O’Rourke

  • Aaron Horner

    Aaron Horner

    Senior Estimator
  • Jared Belmontes

    Jared Belmontes

    Accounts Receivable
  • Grace Aldridge

    Grace Aldridge

    Accounts Payable
  • Dusty Day

    Dusty Day

    General Manager
  • Denise Hefner

    Denise Hefner

    Project Manager
  • Chris Franklin

    Chris Franklin

    Business Development
  • Christen Layne

    Christen Layne

    Human Resources
  • Daniel Copely

    Daniel Copley

    Operations Manager
  • Tom Culver

    Tom Culver