Vacation Home Security

15PaulDavid121When you depart from your second home and lock it up for the season, how do you keep it safe? With today’s updated technology, watching your vacation house from a distance is more hassle-free than ever.

The most efficient way to secure your vacation home is with the installation of a monitored security system. Security cameras often prevent theft before it occurs. Many potential burglars will skip right over your home when they see cameras installed on the exterior. And if someone does try to break in, modern security systems employ motion detectors that set off security cameras, record the activity and let you know instantaneously on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Security systems are also a wise choice for second-home owners who rent their property to travelers on popular rental sites such as Airbnb to check out. It makes it simple to see the condition in which renters leave the property.

Surprisingly enough, most home “break-ins” are not forced entries; rather, thieves gain access without any trouble via unlocked doors and windows. Don’t forget to check all the locks and bolts before you leave.

In addition, if your summer or winter home looks vacant, it is more likely to be targeted. Ensure it seems occupied by making use of a timer on one or more of your lights. Today’s timers are not massive dials like in the past; they are digital and simple to set. They’re also quite affordable. Set lights to come on at different times to lend your summer or winter home a lived-in look.

Many police departments offer vacation watch services that can help control the risk of any issues. Patrol cars will drive past to ensure everything is in order. Don’t forget to suspend your newspaper subscription, postal service, dry-cleaning deliveries, etc., and let your neighbors know that you will be out of town for a while.