Fire? How to Create a Safety Escape Plan

In the event of a fire, having a practiced safety escape plan can save lives. Make sure everyone knows when to call 911, how to get out, where to go, and who to contact in the event of an emergency. Remind others to practice staying low to the floor and… Read more »

Top Causes of Kitchen Fires

The #1 cause of house fires and injuries to homeowners are kitchen fires, so avoiding them is a important goal for every household. Using common-sense precautions can greatly reduce the chance of igniting a cooking fire during meal prep, and understanding how to avoid these fires is easy and smart.… Read more »

Water: Waste Not, Want Not

As much as the majority of us would like to decrease water consumption around the home, we seldom do much about it. So the next time you are about to fork out money for your water bill, pause for a few minutes. Consider that the average household uses 130,000 gallons… Read more »

Chimney Cleaning 101

Do you have a chimney in your house that is used often? If so, it’s important to clean it often to remove buildup and prevent fires. But like any other task around the home, it’s important for you to do it as safely as possible. Here are two simple tips… Read more »

How to Think Like a Criminal

Most home burglaries are premeditated Thieves want to keep their time inside of homes to a minimum and look for easily-accessible targets. There isn’t one thing you can do to protect your home 100% of the time, but there are some simple steps that will decrease the odds of a… Read more »

Top 3 Safety Tips in Storing Propane Tanks

Did you know propane is a resource made in America? Propane is popular for being a clean natural energy resource, and typically comes in a gas or liquid form. Propane is easy to use and affordable to heat and cool homes, heat water, heat appliances, cook food on the grill,… Read more »

Fire Extinguisher Safety from Paul Davis

Did you know that 372,900 fires occur in homes every single year? These fires cause 2,530 deaths, 13,125 injuries and $7 billion in property damage each year, according to the US Fire Administration. Shockingly, fire extinguishers were present in only 4% of these fires. If a fire occurred in your… Read more »

What Everyone Should Know About Wildfires!

Every year in the United States there are over 100,000 wildfires that damage approximately 5 million acres of land. In the first nine months of 2015, over 8 million acres have already burned. This is 200% higher compared to the same months in 2014. * As of September this year,… Read more »

Did You Know September is National Preparedness Month?

This year’s National Preparedness Month theme from FEMA and is “Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today.” Disasters such as storms, flooding, hurricanes, and fires occur year-round throughout North America, which is why it is so important to be ready. Creating a plan and practicing it with your… Read more »

Back to School Safety Precautions from Paul Davis

August is the time of year to take last-minute vacations, get hyped for football season, and prepare your kids to start school again. Here are a few safety suggestions to remember as you dive back into the school season. School Zones are for Kids Follow the speed limit while in… Read more »